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Parents Information Sharing Evenings

We appreciate our parents and carers as a key stakeholder group and we very much value your views about the Academy. We are always keen to evaluate our work here and welcome parents’/carers’ thoughts in helping us to make Braunton Academy the very best it can be in offering our community a wide variety of educational opportunities.

The Parent Forum/Information Sharing evenings are designed to provide parents and carers with a true and meaningful insight into all that we do at the Academy in supporting and educating young people and their families. All sessions are held in the Aspire Library, in a friendly and relaxed environment, enabling all to hear the latest school improvement information from the Principal and various members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). At these sessions we hope to hear the views of parents through a series of presentations and open-discussions based on the following key areas:

  • Teaching and learning.


  • Student support and pastoral care, both in and outside of school.


  • Communication – progress reporting/letters/email/parents’ post/website.


  • Promoting learning - recognising and rewarding achievement and effort.

The first of the Parent Forum Evenings is to be held on Tuesday 17th September 2019 at 6.30pm. This will be hosted by Mr Cammack and be focused on a general introduction to the philosophy and work of the Academy, especially providing an opportunity for all to question and answer any queries that might have arisen at the start of the new term. We look forward to meeting with you again.


Our parents’/carers’ feedback is shared with the staff and it informs our forward planning to help the Academy to improve further.

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