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Welcome to Braunton Academy's website. We hope it gives you a flavour of all we do in the Academy, as well as providing easy access to any information you may need.


Braunton Academy is an increasingly popular and oversubscribed community school where learning and well-being are at the forefront of our ethos for all to ‘Aspire & Achieve’.

“Pupils and staff live out the school's motto, ‘Aspire & Achieve’, well. Pupils fully engage in the day-to-day life of the school. Teachers encourage pupils to experiment and ask questions. Pupils appreciate their teachers' efforts. They enjoy school.” – OFSTED  (January 2020)

Braunton Academy is a school looking to the future with a strong traditional ethos: we combine this with a firm belief in developing the solid foundations of knowledge, skills and understanding.  Our aim is to provide an exciting and nurturing learning environment where students can truly flourish. We are an open and collaborative Academy that takes seriously its responsibility to equip its students for the future: openness, trust, honesty and integrity are essential to the way we work.  We encourage all within our local community to become involved in school life, seeking to be responsive rather than reactive.


As a progressive school, we are relentless in our focus to keep education moving forward, relevant and up to date for our young people.  We know that students learn best when they are fully immersed in the learning process through a relevant and varied curriculum experience. We focus on developing the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills that underpin effective learning and future employability. We aim to encourage our young people to develop agile, creative and analytical minds

Our ethos is underpinned by our focus on the key values of 'Character', 'Respect', and 'Community', and a culture for teaching that centres on Trivium 21c approaches where the tradition of grammar and knowledge form the foundations for questioning, reasoning, communicating and learning. Our focus on developing our students as self-regulating and independent learners makes Braunton Academy an exciting and unique place to learn, where all students make excellent progress through a desire to learn and succeed.

I hope that our website reflects our values and principles and provides you with useful information demonstrating that our Academy acts as a resource for enabling students to imagine - and take steps towards building - fulfilling and sustainable futures.

                    OPEN EVENING 2020-21 

Very, very sadly, we will be unable to have our usual 'Open Evening' and 'Open Day Tours' as advertised: this is a massive loss to all of us since allowing students and their parents/carers to visit the Academy in September provides us all with an opportunity to witness just what a great school we have in our local community.


The 'Braunton Academy 2020-21 Prospectus' has been delivered to all our local Primary Schools and we will be posting a personal virtual tour of the Academy on this website later this week, alongside virtual presentations by the Headteacher and the Academy's Student Leadership Team. 


             The Aims and Values of Braunton Academy


    "Preparation for life - Developing our students' skills and creativity"

The Principal's Update

  Coronavirus Information for Parents/Carers 


Please keep a watchful eye on this column since this is where you will find the latest updates on how coronavirus is affecting the Academy and your son's and daughter's education.

I receive a daily update, directly from the government, that keeps me fully updated with all we need to know about education settings during the coronavirus outbreak. The most up to date information can be found here:


Dear parents/carers,




.....Not that I ever believed it wouldn't be so successful, of course.

A special 'thank you' to all those parents/carers who sent in emails thanking the staff for such a positive return and welcome for the students (and parents/carers) as we all came back to 'normal' schooling - well, normal hours, anyway!

It was fantastic to have the Academy full of children and staff again, bringing the buildings, the whole school-site, back to life: it was also rather special to speak and engage with so many of our students again and hear their individual stories of the ‘Lockdown’, their summer and (thankfully!) their enjoyment in being back at school.

After a huge amount of planning and a magnificent coordinated-effort from all the fantastic staff here, involving many sleepless nights, I am so pleased to honestly report that all we did worked so well: the students were able to settle to and enjoy an excellent education impressively quickly and felt confident and safe in their 'new' school environment.

I am so proud of the students and the staff for the magnificent way in which they all settled to their separate tasks of teaching and studying under such different and difficult circumstances - all I ever saw on my 'learning walks' around the classes each day was smiling and attentive faces as the students actively responded to the quality teaching consistently taking place in every area I visited. Truly excellent - thank you and well done to all!

Can I also thank you, as parents/carers, for your efforts and support in preparing the students for their return to school and communicating all of our expectations to them: it was a fantastic start to a new term on the Academy site, and it wouldn't have been possible without tyour input and support: thank you.


It hasn’t been an easy time for any of us over the last six months but I am confident that, despite all the barriers that have been put in our way, we will undoubtedly see great strides in our children's learning, once again, now that all staff and students are back on-site: a school is just another building without the students and staff - with them it becomes something that is alive and enthralling, with no singular day ever being the same.


Please congratulate your child(ren) on just how well he/she/they have managed their return to school: I know they will be both physically and mentally exhausted as they attempt to re-engage with the usual routines of school life - let alone all the changes to which they will be adjusting - so, please, expect them to need a little 'down-time' on their return home each day. We will not be setting any homework for the first two-weeks to allow them to positively engage with all that is expected of them during the school-day.

And so, forward into September and the new term with renewed confidence and purpose, remembering it is still vital that we all maintain social-distancing and frequent hand-washing at all times, carefully considering other people at all times. Please ensure you are very clear on all that we are expecting from our community in relation to keeping the Academy 'open' through the coming months, respecting all of the requests outlined in our various coronavirus documents (See the 'Returning to school in September' tab above).

  Attendance was excellent last week at 99%: let's keep it there, folks! 

Thank you. Thank you for engaging, so actively over the past six months, in one of the most important aspects of our lives - helping to nurture and stimulate our children’s growing minds: shaping and determining both their and our futures.

Very best wishes from all at Braunton Academy.

Mr M. Cammack



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