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Welcome to Braunton Academy's website. We hope it gives you a flavour of all we do in the Academy, as well as providing easy access to any information you may need.


Braunton Academy is an increasingly popular and oversubscribed community school where learning and well-being are at the forefront of our ethos for all to ‘Aspire & Achieve’.

“Pupils and staff live out the school's motto, ‘Aspire & Achieve’, well. Pupils fully engage in the day-to-day life of the school. Teachers encourage pupils to experiment and ask questions. Pupils appreciate their teachers' efforts. They enjoy school.” – OFSTED  (January 2020)

Braunton Academy is a school looking to the future with a strong traditional ethos: we combine this with a firm belief in developing the solid foundations of knowledge, skills and understanding.  Our aim is to provide an exciting and nurturing learning environment where students can truly flourish. We are an open and collaborative Academy that takes seriously its responsibility to equip its students for the future: openness, trust, honesty and integrity are essential to the way we work.  We encourage all within our local community to become involved in school life, seeking to be responsive rather than reactive.


As a progressive school, we are relentless in our focus to keep education moving forward, relevant and up to date for our young people.  We know that students learn best when they are fully immersed in the learning process through a relevant and varied curriculum experience. We focus on developing the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills that underpin effective learning and future employability. We aim to encourage our young people to develop agile, creative and analytical minds

Our ethos is underpinned by our focus on the key values of 'Character', 'Respect', and 'Community', and a culture for teaching that centres on Trivium 21c approaches where the tradition of grammar and knowledge form the foundations for questioning, reasoning, communicating and learning. Our focus on developing our students as self-regulating and independent learners makes Braunton Academy an exciting and unique place to learn, where all students make excellent progress through a desire to learn and succeed.

I hope that our website reflects our values and principles and provides you with useful information demonstrating that our Academy acts as a resource for enabling students to imagine - and take steps towards building - fulfilling and sustainable futures.

Braunton Academy Home Working/Home Study Privacy Policy
Staff, students and other associates at Braunton Academy will make use of personal data both in and outside the organisation setting. This will include homework, planning, marking, remote learning and collaboration with colleagues. It will also include administration processes and facilities management.

Braunton Academy will review the use of suitable technology for remote working and home-learning, and ensure that appropriate technical, security and organisational measures are taken. The choice of technologies and processes will take into account the needs of Braunton Academy to respect the rights and freedom of its staff, students and the wider community with respect to personal data.



             The Aims and Values of Braunton Academy


    "Preparation for life - Developing our students' skills and creativity"

The Principal's Update

  Coronavirus Information for Parents/Carers 


Please keep a watchful eye on this column since this is where you will find the latest updates on how coronavirus is affecting the Academy and your son's and daughter's education.

I receive a daily update, directly from the government, that shares any new information and all you need to know about schools and other education settings during the coronavirus outbreak can be found here:



                           - PLEASE READ -

Dear parents/carers,


            So, here we are…Week 11 of ‘Lockdown’

(As far as schools go, anyway)  

Once again, can I thank you all for your patience, understanding, and kind words in relation to all we have been attempting in supporting your children, yourselves, and the staff here at the Academy, who, let us not forget, are also very challenged by these extraordinary times.

Let me also thank everyone for contributing to the newly released Braunton Academy 'Love is all you need' video. Fantastic! Well done, everybody.






No return to ‘normal’ schooling this term, but then we're all back for September, or, are we?

Year 10 students return with “Bouncebackability”

The Year 10 students have been attending English, science and maths lessons in school and other than the massive hair, growing bodies, and lack of uniform, I am extremely happy to see just how quickly they have settled to their learning – we must be careful to remember that young people are generally a pretty resilient assemblage and they have that wonderful attribute of ‘Bouncebackability’ – I am convinced our students will quickly become comfortable with their studies and the learning habits required of them.

On average, 82% of our Year 10 students attended the lessons being provided, and, by all accounts, thoroughly enjoyed catching up with everything that is Braunton Academy. Well done, Year 10 ....and the teachers for getting it all sorted!

As for the rest of our students, we encourage them to continue to work through their very important remote learning programmes, further developing their self-discipline and commitment to advancing their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world in which they live. Society continues to value educational qualifications and, since this is unlikely to change anytime soon, it is important we provide our children with the opportunity to prove themselves in this area (as well as in other areas, of course) by fully equipping them with all the knowledge they need to be successful – even during a pandemic. Please continue to encourage/nag/inspire your children to give of their very best in completing their home learning, knowing that what they are doing today will most definitely count for tomorrow.

Plans for Years 7, 8, and 9

Having had the wonderful experience of seeing our Year 10 students, we are now looking forward to meeting with our KS3 students in a series of individual face-to-face 15-minute ‘Termly Review’ meetings. The purpose of these meetings will be to clearly ascertain the academic progress being made by the students in their studies and also, very importantly, to offer them any other form of support regarding their individual physical and mental well-being. A great turnout from Y9 for this week - well done; we are sending booking reminders out to Year 8 at the beginning of this week, and for Year 7 next Monday (06.07.20) 

It’s that time of Year - Assessments and Feedback

Although we are not physically attending school, this does not mean we should be foregoing the opportunity to determine the positioning of our children’s learning and the progress they have made over the academic year. Our students will, therefore, be completing a series of valuable assessment pieces whilst studying from home over the coming days. It is vitally important that we all have some knowledge of how well our children are progressing with their studies – what are their strengths and gaps in their learning? And, how does this equate to his/her expected levels of performance? 

These assessments are particularly important for our Year 10 students since they could, based on what has happened to our Year 11 students this year, potentially be used as an evidence-base to their final GCSE grade. The set tasks will be formally assessed and fed-back to students and parent/carers in an end of year 'Mid-Term Assessment'.

Something to look forward to!


Academy Uniform Policy
There is no uniform policy being operated within the Academy at this time for Health and Safety reasons and this does require some thought about what we will be doing in the new academic year (September) for which many of us would be planning on buying new uniform – certainly for our new Year 7 students. I would suggest we all wait a little longer before making the decision to buy any uniform right now: I am waiting to see how things develop since it may be that uniform would not be required until the end of the Autumn term – I truly hope not, but we simply do not know when ‘normal school’ will return to our lives.


Thank you. Thank you for engaging in one of the most important aspects of our lives - helping to nurture and stimulate our children’s growing minds: shaping and determining both their and our futures.

Should you, as a "key-worker" wish to register your child to attend the Academy by following the instructions below:

1. Firstly, please remember the key government guideline remains in place:


“If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be.”


The whole reason why schools have ‘closed’ is to maintain ‘social distancing’. Schools are only operating to support key workers’ children and vulnerable children to minimise the chances of spreading the virus, easily done in a school environment, of course. ​

2 To allow the Academy to plan appropriately for the coming week in supporting both you and your child(ren) and minimising the spread of the virus, please can I ask that you immediately respond:

Should you wish to register your child to attend the Academy, as a supportive measure, then you must register him/her by 9.00pm this coming Thursday evening (Thursday 2nd July), for his/her education in the next week, beginning Monday 6th July, by emailing the respective Year group attendance email address with your child’s name and the days you require for him/her to attend: 


3. Should you not register your child by this date and time, it may not be possible for us to allow them to attend the Academy in the next week. However, we do know that last minute changes to rotas may happen to some parents/carers and, if so, please do email the Academy address above at any point to make alternative arrangements.

4. Continuing Home-Learning arrangements: the children attending the Academy will be studying the same carefully prepared studies that are posted on the Academy website for those children studying at home. Please remember it is important all students are attempting and completing the studies set. All the children’s studies are designed to continue to move them through the National Curriculum, fully preparing them to continue with their normal education and GCSE preparation once this period of school closure is completed.

The first ‘port of call’ for the students in accessing their studies is ‘Class Charts’, it is from here that all home learning will be directed. The children’s studies continue to be updated and set by the teachers on a weekly basis, all of which the students should be completing by the end of the week. 


Should you or your child have any queries concerning their learning, then can I remind you that the teachers’ direct email addresses are posted on the website, underneath the links to the ‘Home Learning’. The teachers are fully prepared to receive any emails from the students and continue to be happy in offering the appropriate support/guidance where necessary.

5. Parent/carers whose children are in receipt of Free School Meals should be receiving an email each week providing them with the well-publicised government e-Vouchers. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns about these arrangements.

Please take care of each other, and, of course, any members of our immediate neighbourhoods and beyond who might benefit from a caring hand or thought.

Very best wishes from all at Braunton Academy.

Mr M. Cammack


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