A warm welcome from the Academy’s Senior Leadership Team

















Dear Parents/Carers,


I am delighted that you should be considering Braunton Academy as the next step in your child’s education - we truly looking forward to
developing an honest and strong partnership with you, as with all our parents and carers, from the very start of our communication together: this is especially important since we know that moving from primary to secondary school is one of the most important events in the life of your child and at Braunton Academy we cherish these moments and work hard to ensure we do is targeted at making your child's move both successful and exciting.

Our Academy motto: “Aspire & Achieve” is clearly setting out our vision for your child in fulfilling his/her fullest potential in all aspects of his/her future. We all want the very best for our children but as they grow older it can become more difficult, especially for us as parents/ carers, as their learning progresses and they strive to become more independent. Our plan at Braunton Academy in adopting a mastery curriculum and a Trivium learning framework is to work closely with you in helping your child to develop as a self-regulated and independent learner; to engage him/her in becoming a resilient problem-solver and critical thinker, mastering the skills vital for all of us to thrive in school, college, in work and in life-long learning.

As your child enters into a new and exciting stage of his/her young life with many new challenges and opportunities ahead, he/she will be learning new subjects, making new friends and developing his/her talents in learning, sport, music, art, drama, wherever their interests lie. Moving from primary school to secondary school is a big step for him/her, for all of us, but I can honestly report that students settle into the Academy’s routines very quickly and are soon able to find their way around both the buildings and what is expected from them in relation to their learning with very little guidance.


We undoubtedly look forward to working closely with you in ensuring your son/daughter is able to thoroughly enjoy his/her time at Braunton Academy: we would encourage you to support your child in always trying his/her best at all times and also to engage in as many extra-curricular activities as possible, taking advantage of all that is available here to ensure he/she fulfils his/her true potential in both academia and in character.


Please feel confident in asking for any guidance and/or support at any time.We are entering into an important partnership with you and we look forward to helping you successfully meet the challenges ahead and to enjoy your partnership with all at the Academy.


Mrs F Bowler,


Our Prospectus for 2021 - 2022 can be found here




We are very proud of our transition programme to Braunton Academy. We work hard to make our Year 6 students feel confident about moving onto Braunton Academy and prepare them so they can look forward to being successful learners from day one. Both 

Mrs Bowler, our Principal, and Mrs De Groot, our SENDCo, personally visit every student in their own Primary School to start your child's transition into the Academy.

Our very full transition programme has been designed by staff from the primary schools and Braunton Academy and it includes the following:-

  • Year 6 Open Evening, Thursday 23rd September, in The Isaac Hall.  Year 6 students will receive an invitation via their primary school, with an allotted time on it.  Please bring your invitation to the Open Evening.  

  • GTI (Gifted Talented and Interested)  programme for Year 6 in Sports, Science, Technology, Computing, Cooking and Art.

  • Visits to our family of primary schools from Year 7 students and Braunton Academy staff.

  • Theatre days and special concerts and sports festivals

  • High 5 days- Science and Technology focused days in the June of Year 5.

  • The Year 6 virtual Parents Welcome Evening, summer 2022- date to be confirmed.

  • Year 6 transition day, summer 2022 - date to be confirmed.  

For information on Academy uniform, please follow the link Braunton Academy Dress Code






On behalf of the Year 7 team, welcome to Braunton Academy! We hope you will enjoy your time here and that you are ready to take advantage of all that our school has to offer.

The more you put in to life at Braunton, the more you will get back from it.... REMEMBER: “The harder I work, the more I practise, the luckier I seem to get.”

We want you to feel ready and prepared for secondary school life and as part of this, we would like you to complete a few tasks between now and September.

These tasks will help you to prepare and engage more directly with both the way we think at the Academy and a selection of the subjects you will be studying.

Your teachers will ask you about this work in your first week and you will need to complete the "BE AWESOME, GO BIG" booklet, so keep it safe until September. To complete the booklet you will need to look through the power-point presentations below and respond in the provided booklet. You should work through each of the nine interactive presentations, running from left to right, recording your answers in the accompanying "BE AWESOME, GO BIG" workbook:


Session 1: Being awesome

Session 2: Unlocking your mind

Session 3: Dare to take risks

Session 4: Making the change

Session 5: Lost but not lost

Session 6: Bouncebackability

Session 7: What is normal anyway

Session 8: Friendships and fallouts

Session 9: Living well

Click on the first 'PDF' below, prompting it to download and off you go. Think about the advice given here and enjoy the journey as you prepare for a brand new start in your brand new secondary school, BRAUNTON ACADEMY: 'Aspire & Achieve'. We are here for you. 


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