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Braunton Academy has a high achieving Physical Education department comprising a team of outstanding, enthusiastic and professional teachers that are proud of the many individual and team successes, which are achieved year in, year out along with our outstanding participation rates in all year groups across the curriculum and extra curriculum.

Our students have access to exceptional physical learning environments enabling all learners to be successful, confident and responsible citizens, and contribute to a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Our departmental vision is based upon a ‘Sport for All’ principle. It is our aim to empower our students to participate in physical activity and understand how this influences their own wellbeing and that of others. By demonstrating the benefits of an active life style, they encourage others to participate in sport, dance, exercise, recreation, and adventure pursuits whilst creating a passion for lifelong participation.

We challenge all our students of all abilities to set and work towards realistic goals and thereby expect our students to take ownership of these goals and achieve their true potential in all areas of Physical Education.

Essential qualities that are central to student progress in Physical Education at Braunton Academy.

  1. Confidence

  2. Courage

  3. Determination

  4. Equality

  5. Friendship

  6.  Maximum Activity

  7.  Maximum Effort

  8. Maximum Participation

  9. Resilience

  10. Respect

Homework / Independent Learning

Core Physical Education

All students in KS3 & 4 are not set regular homework. Instead, students are expected and encouraged to take part in regular physical activity through our extensive extra-curricular programme or through organised sport and activity outside of home. We also expect our students to use both the physical activity at home resource and physical activity record booklets to ensure that they regularly take part in and record their physical activity sessions.

GCSE Physical Education

All students are set regular homework every 2 weeks in line with the department and Academy’s homework policy. This will take the form of a variety of different formats to ensure that all students are challenged and make good or better progress.


Kit list

Jewellery & Safe Practice

Artificial Grass Pitch Footwear

Good Mood Food

PE Activity

Rugby Safety Booklet

Physical Education Uniform




  • Suitable sports trainers 

  • White ankle length socks or Burgundy football socks.

  • Plain black shorts of appropriate length/sports leggings/tracksuit bottoms. No large logos, writing shades and colours other than black.

  • Burgundy polo shirt

  • Football boots for the AGP at all times in their bags.

  • Shin pads. (KS3

  • Gum shield for rugby when needed. (KS3)

  • Hair band for long hair.

  • Towel.




  • Burgundy Rugby top

  • Burgundy fleece



Sport-Specific Clothing and Equipment 

Please note that you will also sometimes require sport-specific clothing and equipment for certain activities.


  • Football boots (rubber moulded studs only).

  • Shin pads.

  • Gum shield (available from the PE office at £2).  


Not Allowed 


  • Jewellery (Fitness tracking watches are only allowed when taking part in individual aerobic exercises when instructed by the class teacher). See below the download for the Academy safe practice policy.

  • Nike Pro 3”/7.5cm Shorts (or any other branded shorts of similar length)

  • Large Logos / Lettering

  • School Shoes / Vans/ Converse / Nike Air Force Ones /

Measuring Braunton Academy's Activity Levels

We administer the world-leading Active Lives Children and Young People Survey once a year during the Spring term to all students, which is published annually. This survey gives a unique and comprehensive view of how our students are getting active.

Our most recent reports are available to download below. You can also explore the Active Lives website here to find out more or go to link.

A summary of our Children and Young People Reports







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