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Additional Learning Needs

Mrs De Groot, our Director of Additional Learning Needs, leads a team of Teaching Assistants who provide short-term or long-term support and guidance for students who encounter learning difficulties or have additional learning needs. The Department has expertise in meeting the needs of students with specific learning difficulties as well as those with physical or emotional needs.

A Special Educational Needs Register of students with need is maintained, and an appropriate Individual Educational Plan for each student is issued which sets specific achievable targets. Additional support is offered during break and lunchtime, as well as after-School personal appointments. The Additional Learning Needs Department offers an open door policy for all students as and when the need arises.

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The Additional Learning Needs team  recognises its duties with regard to the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) and the SEN and Disability Act (2001). The Department has agreed accessibility strategies that will enable greater participation for all students in School activities.

The Department visits primary Schools prior to transfer meeting with students and staff to ensure all appropriate support facilities are in place on transfer. Reciprocal arrangements are in place for primary visits to enable familiarisation of resources. Continuity of support is maintained through regular links with all SENCO's in the Braunton Learning Community.

Additional Learning Support is proactive in assessment of need and closely follows the accessibility plan (Disability Discrimination Act 1995). Curriculum areas are monitored to ensure that students with a disability have equal access to all facilities. The following websites are worth looking at for useful learning resources and understanding the roles of the learning support staff:-



Down Syndrome 



Emotional & Behavioural Support 

Hearing Impairment 

Physical Disability 

Visual Impairment 

Reference Sites 

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