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Braunton Academy is particularly proud of its continuing success at GCSE.

Braunton Academy GCSE Results 2022

Year 11s have been celebrating today after one of the most successful GCSE results in the Academy's history.  Following recent challenges over the last couple of years, the students have excelled as a cohort.  These results are the culmination of five years of study since joining the Academy.

Overall there are 93 grades 9s, the highest grade possible.  This is a phenomenal achievement and shows the incredible work ethic and resilience of so many of our students.  30 of those top grades have come from the sciences, which is cause for celebration.  This year's results have shown strength across all subjects.  In a year where GCSE results have dropped nationally compared to 2021, Braunton Academy has seen further improvements in most key performance measures.  .


We would like to thank the students’ families for their help and support during this time, since the grades are very much a result of the special partnership enjoyed by the students, their parents/carers and the Academy working closely together. 


We are very proud of all our young people with whom we have had the privilege to work with over the last 5 years, and wish them every success in their next stage of their education and training and, of course, hope that they will remember their time at Braunton Academy with many fond memories.

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