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Braunton Academy is particularly proud of its continuing success at GCSE.

Braunton Academy GCSE Results 2023

Year 11s at Braunton Academy have been celebrating after another extremely successful set of GCSE results. Following recent challenges over the last few years and with grading of exams going back to pre-covid levels, the students have excelled as a cohort. These results are the culmination of five years of study since joining the Academy. 

Overall, there are 94 grade 9s, the highest possible grade, which is a phenomenal achievement and shows the incredible work ethic and resilience of so many of our students. This year’s results have shown strength across all subjects as exam marking and grade boundaries shift back in line with 2019 pre-covid levels. Despite this, Braunton Academy has shown increases in most key performance measures compared to last year and all compared to 2019.

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