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Work Experience

In Year 10, Braunton Academy students engage in a week's work experience. The onus is on students to find a placement and this helps them find out about a prospective career pathway. Students can investigate any career in any location they wish within the UK. The only limitation is that the placement must be health and safety checked and have Employer and Public Liability Insurance cover. In the past, students have undertaken placements all over the UK.

Work Experience is invaluable in finding out about the world of work and beginning to apply the skills that students are developing at Braunton Academy. It is all about helping the students achieve economic well being and giving more relevance to their learning so that they can make a positive contribution to the school's community.

In 2008 the school was awarded the 'Investors in Enterprise and Work Related Learning' Award in recognition of the quality of our careers and vocational programmes.

In 2013 Careers South West compiled destinations data for the 2012 cohorts in all of the 37 state secondary schools in Devon county. We were immensely proud to be in the top 3 state schools in Devon.

(Colyton Grammar 1st, Teign School 2nd and Braunton Academy 3rd out of 37 State secondary schools in Devon County).

•96.7% of former students are at College, Sixth forms or in employment with good quality training/apprenticeships.
•0.7% are employed with no training.
•0% are Not in Employment Education or Training(NEET).
•2.7% have relocated to other parts of the country.

Many of our former students go on to succeed at top Universities.

In the summer of 2010 we were delighted to become an investors in careers school.

There are a wide range of work experience opportunities that our Year 10 students can engage in every year. We are always very grateful to local employers who do an excellent job at mentoring our students on work placements. There are several useful sites that students may find useful in checking out. Try the following links:


Our work experience week took place from Monday the 20th May - Friday 24th May with students attending placements as diverse as the House of Commons to local surf schools.  It was a great week for everybody with some fantastic experiences for our students, with some ending with potential apprenticeships after year 11.  

Thank you to all the employers who took the time to organise placements for our students.  This is a very valuable experience for them.  

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