Lunchtime & Breaktime Catering


Braunton Academy Catering Department in Isaac Hall, prides itself on the range of food options.  We hold a 5-star Food Hygiene Rating, and all members of our Catering Team uphold this standard.

We are committed to using local suppliers, where possible:  Our beef is sourced from Waytown Farm in Combe Martin, our eggs are from Freebird in Croyde and our bread is from the Country Cottage Bakery in Bideford.  Phillip Dennis Foods and Ilfracombe Food Service are local suppliers who provide additional food items.  

A brand new 'Snack Shack' has been erected.  This new 'shack' will be providing students with similar, if not identical, food to the canteen and will continue as a permanent food outlet beyond that of the coronavirus era. 

The new 'Snack Shack' will be open for year 8s at breaktime and lunchtime from Monday 21st June 2021. 

Below is a sample of the type of food that we offer, subject to availability, demand and seasonality. 

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is not operating at the moment due to the restrictions around the coronavirus outbreak.  

Morning Break – 10.45 - 11.05 am

From Tuesday 8th June 2021, the canteen is only available to Year 10s at breaktime. 

A range of baguettes, sandwiches, pizza twists, paninis, wrapped croissants, wrapped pain au chocolats, fruit, fresh fruit pots, yoghurts (also with fruit and granola), crisps, rice cakes, oat cakes and orange/apple juice cartons are available.  

Lunch Service 12.45 - 1.30 pm

From Tuesday 8th June 2021 the canteen will be available to Year 9s followed by year 7s.  

Every day - pasta bar, sandwiches, baguettes, fruit, fresh fruit pots, yoghurts (also with fruit and granola), crisps, rice cakes, oat cakes and orange/apple juice cartons.  


Menu and Price List - Link

There is always a range of plain water and orange/apple juice to drink.  In addition there are filtered water coolers in the Academy which students are encouraged to use throughout the day.

Most requests can be catered for.  Gluten-free (for those who are wheat intolerant or Coeliac), low fat and low sugar options can be requested.  We aim to give students choice and good value.  We follow the Food Trust guidance on nutritional standards in schools.

The Academy’s Food User Group meets each term, with representatives from the Governors, Staff and Student body.  This group discusses food popularity, healthy options, pricing and the ever-popular Theme Days, i.e. Chinese, Mexican, American, Italian, which take place throughout the year.

We use a cashless catering system.

 In all behaviours at Lunchtime, students should carefully consider how they might negatively impact on others and act to avoid causing any upset. Please follow the link for Lunchtime arrangements