We are currently raising funds for the Amigos Charity .

The mission of Amigos is to make a positive difference in the lives of widows, orphans and underprivileged people in sub-Saharan Africa. Providing care, education and vocational training, they will endeavour to empower the next generation of mothers and fathers to achieve their highest potential, helping them to become confident, caring and self-supporting individuals.

November 2019 - a message from our sponsored Kira Farm student Miriam

Dear Nick and Lorna

How are you doing my dear friends?

I cannot believe I am coming to the end of my training on Kira Farm.  Every day has been a day of learning something new.  This would have never been possible if it was not foryour support. I am now planning on how I am going to utilize the skills that I have been blessed with to better my life and the people in my community. By the time I get home it is going to be Christmas season and during this time tailors or hair dressers make a lot of
money, I know there is a lot of competition among them but with the business skills I have been trained I know I will attract more customers. I am as well planning to immediately meet with my fellow youths in the community to encourage them not do things that are notexpected of them. I take this as important because it is duringChristmas cerebrations most youth abuse drugs or some engage in sexual acts hence contacting HIV/AIDS. I am so grateful that you have blessed me with so many skills. I am looking forward to keeping some girls busy as I train them some sewing skills.


Thanks a lot for supporting me through Kira. I will be writing to you my last email as I leave for home.



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