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Family Support


Raising children can be a physical and emotional rollercoaster and that’s why parents and carers need all the support they can get!


Here’s a selection of services and support available locally and nationally to help you to build a healthy family.  Information on this page will be updated regularly.

Parent Survival Guide

This information from Young Minds is really helpful.  It offers an A-Z of really useful information, advice and guidance and also signposts to other support that is available for many different mental health issues and life events that might impact on children and young people.  

Early Help

Early Help, also known as early intervention, provides the right support to families, at the right time, to achieve change that lasts. It can be provided at any stage in a child or young person’s life, from pre-birth through to teenage years.

Early Help services can be delivered to parents, children or whole families, but the main focus is to improve outcomes for children and help prevent any situation from escalating, or further problems arising.


Following the identification of a family who may require Early Help, the school will seek to gain consent from the family to engage with the services who may be best placed to support them. This will include completing an Early Help Assessment with a member of the school's pastoral team. The levels of needs for each family is assessed on an individual basis and different levels of services can be accessed as a result. The Early Help process will involve regular Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings. 

Parenting Plus Adolescents Course

One aspect of the Early Help Plan is the opportunity for parents to attend the Parenting Plus Adolescents Course.  Parenting Plus Adolescents is a course for parents of children aged 11-16 years.  The course is run over 9 weeks which includes an induction week (the course does not run in school holidays), is free to attend and refreshments will be provided.

The program is evidence-based and considers how parents can connect and build good relationships with their teenage children, while also being firm and influential in their lives.

The topics that will be covered include Understanding teenagers, Connecting with your teenager, Communicating positively and effectively, Building your teenager’s self-esteem and confidence, Negotiating rules and boundaries, Teaching teenagers responsibility, Positive discipline for teenagers, Managing conflict, Solving problems together.


If you would like further information or to be referred to this course please contact Jenna Barrett  -

Uniquely Me

Click the link below for a Parent's Guide to Building Girls' Body Confidence.

Other websites providing information and support for families

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