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In Art, pupils are taught a series of skills to enable them to work creatively with many different materials.

A diverse range of artforms are shown to enable pupils to have a wider outlook on art, how it can be made and express an opinion about types of work.

All projects are formed around four assessment areas, strands that run from year seven to year eleven at GCSE.

Put simply these four areas are to Explore, Record, Analyse and Present.

The four areas of assessment are a constant throughout key stage three, with key skills and formal assessment pieces being at the heart of their work.

Students are helped and shown examples and techniques through demonstration. Staff give constant verbal feedback and support throughout the projects in order to raise confidence. Formal assessments are made at the end of each term in Key Stage 3.

Students that continue the subject into GCSE have normally achieved  self direction and independence to aid their work and skills. As a department, we foster the following skills:

Strong drawing ability

Creative thinking

Exploring materials and risk taking



Curriculum Overview – Key Stage 3 & 4

GCSE Courses

The GCSE course is Art and Design, enabling pupils to explore a wide range of media.

Pupils begin the course with a month of core skills to refresh their prior learning and build confidence.

Currently the three projects we offer are Nature, Identity and Africa.

These projects become increasingly more individual as the course progresses, allowing pupils the independence needed to perform well in the final exam project.

Over the course we covers drawing and painting, clay, Photoshop, etching, fused glass and many other art material exploration.

Most of our work is formed around developing a strong and exciting sketchbook, the source of our ideas, research investigations and planning.

Homework / Independent Learning

Homework in lower school is based on the theme we are studying, usually one task per half term.  Pupils are encouraged to bring in some of their home art or attend art club to catch up on missed work or if extra time is needed.

At GCSE homework is more demanding, requiring each student to spend at least an hour on a variety of tasks set that feed into our current project work.

Extra-curricular and Enrichment Opportunities

All pupils are invited to attend lunchtime art clubs, times that they can catch up on work or create something new of their own.

After school each Thursday art club meets (open to all years).  We often make props or have a current project to work on.

We run Gifted and Talented workshops each year to stretch the more able, inviting artists in to work with our pupils.

Each year we display GCSE art work alongside technology as part of our Annual Show, this is open to the public each year.

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