Autumn Term Begins on Wednesday 5th September week 1......GCSE Results can be picked up at 10am on Thursday 23rd August from Isaac Hall

Student Information


We know our students personally.

Well-being is at the heart of all that our students do, building their confidence, resilience and ambition to thrive. We are, officially, a ‘Healthy School’ and, because we know happy students are happy, effective learners; we are delighted to be one of the first secondary schools in the country to be presented with the nationally recognised ‘Happiness and Well-being Award’.

House Groups

Braunton Academy is divided into four Houses - named after the local beaches most closely linked with our heritage - each of which has 7 tutor groups of approximately 25 students. Tutor Groups are organised on an all-ability basis and according to Key Stage: a KS3 Tutor Group comprises of Y7 to Y9 students, and KS4 of Y10 and 11students. Great care is taken to ensure that your child is placed with at least one friend of their choice. Each tutor group has an older student as a prefect and includes five or six students from each year group, creating a family unit that gives continuity and support throughout Academy life.

Tutors support and monitor children’s progress throughout their time at Braunton Academy. The tutor is the key link for parents/carers and regular communication through the ‘Student Planner’ is essential. The tutor builds a relationship with each student in their care and supports each via regular discussions around both their academic progress and their general welfare.

Parents/carers will have the opportunity to meet Heads of House and Senior Staff at the Induction Evening arranged in July each year.

Each year, we operate a ‘Peer Mentor System’ which actively engages older students being linked to each of the Year 7 students. The aim is that these ‘buddies’ will offer support and a ‘listening ear’ throughout the first year at the Academy. Y11 prefects also receive training to support younger students.

In addition, new students who need it, have the support of the SENCO (Assistant Principal – Additional Learning Needs) both during the transition period and for an agreed period following.