Parent Voice

Parents and carers are a key stakeholder group and we value their views about the school. We always evaluate our parents evenings and other events involving parents. In addition, we have an annual questionnaire that is based on the the format used by OFSTED.

We also stage Parent Forum sessions where parents and carers are invited to hear the latest school improvement information from the Principal and various members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). At these sessions we elicit the views of parents through interactivities based on the following key areas:

Teaching and learning.

Student support-pastoral care.

Communication-reporting/letters/email/Parents Post/website.

Recognising and rewarding achievement and effort.

The outcome of our parents'/carers' feedback is shared with the staff and it informs our forward planning to help the school to improve further.

This year's forums (2020-21) are planned as follows:

To be confirmed.