International Schools’ News - Teacher Visit to Nepal

Teacher representatives from four local secondary schools have returned from a visit to partner schools in Kathmandu, Nepal. Mr Langmead (Braunton Academy), Mr Davies (Pilton Community College), Mr Godwin (South Molton Community College) and Ms Hockin (Bideford College) spent a week in Nepal visiting partner schools under the British Council's „Connecting Classrooms‟ initiative.

The schools were successful in submitting a bid that focuses upon building global awareness and cross-cultural learning in each country amongst both staff and students. The visit was a follow-up to the earlier visit of five Nepalese teachers to the schools in September 2015, and allowed the teachers to take classwork from North Devon students about what their home towns, schools and local communities mean to them.

As well as allowing the Nepalese students to learn about students in the UK, it also allowed North Devon students the opportunity to enquire about what life is like in another part of the world. In addition to this , the visit allowed each of the teachers the opportunity to discuss and observe the teaching in Nepalese schools and deliver short lessons in each of the partner schools.

Mr Langmead said “Each of the Devon schools does a great deal of international work educating our students about the similarities and differences of communities and countries. Participation in this British Council project has enabled a large number of students, staff and the wider school communities to gain a real insight into the lives and work of adults and children in Nepal. The visit was an unqualified success and in spite of the hardships suffered as a result of the 2015 earthquake that hit Kathmandu, our Nepalese hosts provided the warmest of welcomes. What we have brought back to our schools to share with both students and staff will be engaging and valuable as we seek to widen the experiences we all try to provide. To see some schools razed to the ground by the earthquake, yet continue to provide an education albeit in temporary classrooms was something that will remain with us all for a long time, as will the desire and interest in their education that the students of Nepal had and how important they see education is to them for future development of their country.”

The next phase of the project is to develop further sharing of resources and information between each of the schools with a view to returning to Nepal in the future.