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Key Stage 3

The Programme of study for 2022/23 for all years can be found here.

The Programme of study for 2022/23 for - Year 7

                                                             Year 8

                                                             Year 9 

Throughout Key Stage the students are taught 2 lessons a week of Physical Education. Students’ work is assessed in 4 weekly units and reported termly.

Head, Heart & Hands Assessment

Students in key stage 3 are assessed using the Head, Heart, Hands assessment strategy which works as three separate strands.  Each of these strands has six sub-strands for each heading.


Head -  Knowledge, Understanding, Analysis, Feedback, Responsibility & Rules

Heart -  Communication, Leadership, Respect, Resilience, Effort & Confidence

Hands -  Physical Ability, Fitness Levels, Competitive, Technique, Tactics & Problem Solving



Students will be assessed across 2 selected strands within each taught unit of work but will always receive a 'Hands' assessment.  Therefore, Head and Heart assessments will alternate each unit.  

Link - Head, Heart & Hands Terms Explained

Link - Head, Heart & Hands

Mastery Descriptors


Mastery descriptors provide a set of criteria specific to each year group. Each year group’s criteria cover different content to the previous one, providing plenty of stretch and challenge for students, and the ability for lessons to be truly differentiated. Each year group has its own set of ‘Head, Heart & Hands’ mastery assessment descriptors which will aid and support accurate, consistent and moderated assessment.

Link - Mastery Curriculum


Fitness Testing, Netball, Cross Country, Football, Gymnastics, Indoor Athletics, Volleyball, Badminton, Dance, Outdoor & Adventurous Activities, Athletics, Tennis & Rounders.


Fitness Testing, Football, Cross Country, Netball, Rugby Union, Indoor Athletics, Outdoor & Adventurous Activities, Badminton, Gymnastics,  Athletics, Tennis & Rounders.


Fitness Testing, Badminton, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Rugby Union,  Indoor Athletics, Outdoor & Adventurous Activities, Netball, Athletics, Tennis & Cricket.

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