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House System

My name is Mr Parsons and I am the Braunton Academy House Coordinator.

The Academy has moved to a year based system with Heads of Year replacing the previous Heads of House.  During the planning and transition to the new system, we recognised that we do not want to lose the House system and ethos.

Belonging to a House gives students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive environment and my aim is to raise the profile of the House system.

There are four Houses, each named after one of the beautiful local beaches: Croyde, Putsborough, Saunton and Woolacombe.

House Points


Students will have the opportunity to gain points for their House in the following ways:

  • House Competitions – there will be a varied series of House competitions and events throughout the year from all areas of school life.  This will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to represent their House in something that they enjoy.

  • Positive Behaviour - Heads of Year will award House Points in the form of tokens to students who demonstrate positive behaviour around the school.  Students will drop these into the coloured House Boxes situated in Student Reception.                                                       

  • Best Attendance – the House that tops the attendance data each week will gain points for their House.


These points will accumulate and be recorded on the House Championship display board in the Isaac Hall foyer.

There will be opportunities within each House for students to take on extra responsibility and apply to become House Captains, who will help organise the competitions and events.

The House Championship calendar will culminate with the Annual Sports Day and a House Championship Cup awarded to the House that has accrued the most points over the whole year at the final assembly.

House Competitions

Results 2021 - 2022

The results for the House Championships for 2021 - 2022 were announced in July 2022.  The winners were:-

All students in Woolacombe House enjoyed an afternoon on Tweedies on Thursday 28th July.  Great fun was had by all eating ice creams and playing games.  

Well done to all students in Woolacombe House.  

Sports Day - July 2022

Well done to all of the staff and students who participated in our Annual Sports Day today. It was an amazing success with Woolacombe House winning overall.

Thanks to all of the parents and other family members who came to join us in the lovely weather. It was great to see so many supporters in the stands.








Pancake Race - March 2022

The annual Pancake Race took place on 1st March and much fun was had by all.  Victory went to Croyde House after taking all three races into consideration.  The staff team did very well, winning two of their 3 races.  

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