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Key Stage 3 Home Learning Schedule - link

Home Learning Advice Video - https://youtu.be/UH9p46BS-UQ

ClassCharts instruction video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cozr-pKuGmM&t=2s

Google Classroom instruction video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3P_pHS-kXQ&t=1s

Action for Happiness Calendar - January 2021 - link

Teachers' Email Addresses

Mrs Armstrong (Humanities Teacher and Head of Year 10) - carmstrong@braunton.academy

Mr Barfield (Head of Modern Foreign Languages) - tbarfield@braunton.academy

Mrs Bateman (Head of Expressive Arts) - zbateman@braunton.academy

Mrs Beagley (Maths Teacher) - cbeagley@braunton.academy

Mrs Boulton (Head of Beliefs & Values) - cboulton@braunton.academy

Mr Brasier (Science Teacher) - sbrasier@braunton.academy

Miss Britton (Head of Technology) - lbritton@braunton.academy

Mr Butler (Head of Computing) - nbutler@braunton.academy

Mrs Caddy (English Teacher) - jcaddy@braunton.academy

Mrs Craig (Maths Teacher) - jcraig@braunton.academy

Mrs De Groot (Director of Additional Learning Needs & Beliefs & Values Teacher) - kdegroot@braunton.academy

Mrs Dicker (Technology Teacher) -  sdicker@braunton.academy

Mr Duthuit (Modern Foreign Languages Teacher) - eduthuit@braunton.academy

Mr England (Maths Teacher) - pengland@braunton.academy

Mr Frickleton (Head of PE) - jfrickleton@braunton.academy

Mrs Frost (Deputy Head) - mfrost@braunton.academy

Mrs Fuller (Head of Science) - hfuller@braunton.academy

Mrs Gibbins (Technology Teacher) - agibbins@braunton.academy

Mrs Halpin (History Teacher) - shalpin@braunton.academy

Mr Helliwell (Head of English) - mhelliwell@braunton.academy

Mr Holmes (Technology Teacher) - cholmes@braunton.academy

Mrs Hookes (Head of Maths) - lhookes@braunton.academy

Mr Horton (Assistant Head) - rhorton@braunton.academy

Miss Lane (PE Teacher) - hlane@braunton.academy

Mr Langmead (Head of Humanities) - nlangmead@braunton.academy

Mr Liversedge (Head of Year 8 & Science Teacher) - dliversedge@braunton.academy

Mrs Maughan (English Teacher) - kmaughan@braunton.academy

Mrs McLoughlin (Head of Year 7, English & History Teacher) - cmcloughlin@braunton.academy

Mr Mounfield (Science Teacher) - dmounfield@braunton.academy

Mrs Moy (Humanities Teacher) - pmoy@braunton.academy

Ms Murphy (Head of History) - tmurphy@braunton.academy

Mrs Newton (Science Teacher) - rnewton@braunton.academy

Mr O'Brien (Maths Teacher) - jobrien@braunton.academy

Mr Ovey (Head of Year 11 & PE Teacher) - lovey@braunton.academy

Mr Parsons (Aspire Leader & Humanities Teacher) - aparsons@braunton.academy

Ms Ratcliffe (Head of Drama) - gratcliffe@braunton.academy

Miss Ronckier (Modern Foreign Languages Teacher) - sronckier@braunton.academy

Miss Sayer (Head of Year 9 & PE Teacher) - asayer@braunton.academy

Mrs Scott (Maths Teacher) - wscott@braunton.academy

Mr Street (Head of Music) - mstreet@braunton.academy

Mrs Taylor (English Teacher) - ntaylor@braunton.academy

Miss Wareing (Science Teacher) - jwareing@braunton.academy

Mrs Young (English Teacher) - dyoung@braunton.academy

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