Home Learning

At Braunton Academy, we believe that home learning equips students with the skills to study and learn independently, enabling them to take greater ownership of their own learning.  In enhancing these skills from Year 7, students become more greatly prepared for study at Key Stage 4 and beyond.  Importantly, regular homework also helps students to reinforce their learning from lessons and prepare them for future lessons.  We use ClassCharts to communicate homework tasks to students and parents.  

ClassCharts instruction video - link

Google Classroom instruction video - link

How to upload work and photos to Google Classroom using a mobile phone - link

Teachers' Email Addresses

Mrs Armstrong (Humanities Teacher and Head of Year 7) - carmstrong@braunton.academy

Mr Barfield (Head of Modern Foreign Languages) - tbarfield@braunton.academy

Mrs Bateman (Head of Expressive Arts) - zbateman@braunton.academy

Mrs Beagley (Maths Teacher) - cbeagley@braunton.academy

Mrs Boulton (Head of Beliefs & Values) - cboulton@braunton.academy

Mr Brasier (Science Teacher) - sbrasier@braunton.academy

Miss Britton (Head of Technology) - lbritton@braunton.academy

Mr Butler (Head of Computing) - nbutler@braunton.academy

Mr R Carroll (Head of Drama) - rcarroll@braunton.academy

Mrs Craig (Assistant Vice Principal (Curriculum) & Maths Teacher) - jcraig@braunton.academy

Mrs De Groot (Director of Additional Learning Needs & Beliefs & Values Teacher) - kdegroot@braunton.academy

Mrs Dicker (Technology Teacher) -  sdicker@braunton.academy

Mr Duthuit (Modern Foreign Languages Teacher) - eduthuit@braunton.academy

Mr England (Maths Teacher) - pengland@braunton.academy

Miss S Found (Maths Teacher) - sfound@braunton.academy

Mr Frickleton (Head of PE) - jfrickleton@braunton.academy

Mrs Fuller (Head of Science) - hfuller@braunton.academy

Mrs Gibbins (Technology Teacher) - agibbins@braunton.academy

Mrs K Haines (English Teacher) - khaines@braunton.academy

Mrs Halpin (History Teacher) - shalpin@braunton.academy

Mr Helliwell (Head of English) - mhelliwell@braunton.academy

Mr Holmes (Technology Teacher) - cholmes@braunton.academy

Mrs Hookes (Head of Maths) - lhookes@braunton.academy

Miss L Kennedy (English Teacher) - lkennedy@braunton.academy

Miss Lane (PE Teacher) - hlane@braunton.academy

Mr Langmead (Head of Humanities) - nlangmead@braunton.academy

Mr Liversedge (Head of Year 10 & Science Teacher) - dliversedge@braunton.academy

Mrs Maughan (English Teacher) - kmaughan@braunton.academy

Mrs McLoughlin (Head of Year 9, Teacher in The Study Too) - cmcloughlin@braunton.academy

Mr Mounfield (Science Teacher) - dmounfield@braunton.academy

Mrs Moy (Humanities Teacher) - pmoy@braunton.academy

Ms Murphy (Head of History) - tmurphy@braunton.academy

Mrs Newton (Science Teacher) - rnewton@braunton.academy

Mr O'Brien (Maths Teacher) - jobrien@braunton.academy

Mr Ovey (Head of Year 8 & PE Teacher) - lovey@braunton.academy

Mr Parsons (Aspire Leader & Humanities Teacher) - aparsons@braunton.academy

Mr J Pollard (English Teacher) - jpollard@braunton.academy

Miss Ronckier (Modern Foreign Languages Teacher) - sronckier@braunton.academy

Miss Sayer (Head of Year 11 & PE Teacher) - asayer@braunton.academy

Mrs Scott (Maths Teacher) - wscott@braunton.academy

Mr Street (Head of Music) - mstreet@braunton.academy

Mr Twohig (Vice Principal and Geography & PD Teacher) - gtwohig@braunton.academy

Miss Wareing (Science Teacher) - jwareing@braunton.academy

Mrs Woodhead (Assistant Vice Principal) - ewoodhead@braunton.academy

Mrs Young (English Teacher) - dyoung@braunton.academy