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Braunton Academy is particularly proud of its continuing success at GCSE.

Year 11 GCSE/Vocational exams Summer 2022

This week (week beginning the 27th September 2021) Ofqual has announced the findings of the first consultation on examinations for the current Year 11.  Mrs Craig has met with all Year 11 students and is sending a detailed letter to Year 11 parents outlining the outcome.  The majority of subjects are expected to sit formal exams with some subjects having a restricted content and all subjects being given advanced warning in February of the topics that will be included in the exam papers.  However, Ofqual have also opened a new two week consultation on a contingency plan if disruption in the winter months leads to the decision to cancel the examination period (closed on 13th October 2021).

All parents and students, as well as teachers, can take part in the consultation.  Year 11 students will be given the opportunity during period 6 to be involved in the consultation.

Braunton Academy GCSE Results 2021

Due to the extraordinary circumstances related to the Covd-19 pandemic, students entered for GCSEs in 2021 were assessed by their teachers in line with Government and examination board guidelines.

Examination data was not published in the form of performance data for this academic year.


However, Braunton Academy is very happy to report that students at the Academy, once again, enjoyed real success in their examinations and we would like to congratulate them on their well-earned achievements. 


We are all about celebrating the individual achievements of our students from whom we have witnessed some exceptional personal performances, recognising these GCSE results are the just reward for all of their efforts.  Braunton students continue to perform at a consistently high level.


We would like to thank the students’ families for their help and support during this time, since the grades awarded are very much a result of the special partnership enjoyed by the students, their parents/carers and the Academy working closely together. 


We are very proud of all our young people with whom we have had the privilege to work with over the last 5 years, and wish them every success in their next stage of their education and training and, of course, hope that they will remember their time at Braunton Academy with many fond memories.

To find the latest performance tables

click on this link: http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/performance/

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