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Alumni Community

Welcome to our Alumni page

We are trying to reconnect with our former students and involve them in school life, whether they left last year or 50 years ago.


We are keen to hear from past students in order to develop our alumni community: once you are enrolled with us, you can receive occasional updates from the Academy with news and opportunities to get involved in supporting the students following in your footsteps. This way, you’ll still be connected to the school and we'll get to hear about your success and the amazing things you have gone on to do!

We would also like your support in our efforts to reach out to former Braunton Academy (Braunton Community College) students: whether a relative, colleague or friend, from doctors to dancers, pilots to personal trainers – we are keen to engage with former students from a whole range of careers/life-styles that will interest and inspire our present students. If you are a past student or know of any who’d like to give something back to their old school, or even just stay in touch and attend a reunion, then all you need to do is email Tracey Martin at to enrol.

​We will then be in touch with information about developments in the Academy and possible opportunities for you to contribute to the growth and learning of our current students.

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