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Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) 

These provide a framework for describing the qualities and skills needed for success in learning and in life. There are six groups into which these skills fall, and students at Braunton Academy are encouraged to use these skills across the curriculum everyday, in every project undertaken and also in their extra curricular activities. Each half term (approximately a six week period) we concentrate on a particular skill, and when students have demonstrated that skill in their classwork or homework, their subject teacher will give them a signature on the relevant PLTS page in their planner. At the end of each six week period, members of each tutor group combine their totals of signatures received, which in turn are recorded in House totals. Each half term, the tutor groups achieving the highest PLTS scores will be rewarded with something for their tutor group, such as a boardgame, activity or edible treat. At the end of the academic year, the House which has accumulated the highest overall number of signatures is awarded the PLTS Trophy, which they will hold for one year.


Please refer to the Resources section below left for a full breakdown of all the PLTS categories.

As at Easter 2016, and with two more skills to go, the House standings are as follows:-

Croyde House                2269

Putsborough House       1810

Woolacombe House       1627

Saunton House              1530