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Tiki workshop with visiting sculptor

Posted: 8th June 2016

Gifted and Talented  pupils from years 7 and 8 recently took part in a two day workshop in which they looked at the art of Tiki Heads and Gargoyles. Tikis originated in Maori culture in New Zealand, and are evident all over the South Pacific, famously so on Easter Island, where they are known as Moai.  On day 1 pupils produced stunning designs using chalk pastels, and also mini Tikis from air-drying clay. On day 2, Buckfastleigh-based sculptor, Anne-Marie Moss, worked with the group. Each pupil made a Tiki head of their own design from a thermblock, more commonly used in house-building as load-bearing concrete insulation. It was quite strenuous and dusty work, but the results are stunning. All the Tikis will soon find a permanent home in the quad garden. Huge thanks to Anne-Marie Moss and Mrs Bateman who organised the event.