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Drama Club conquers Narnia

Posted: 16th March 2016

Members of the Braunton Academy Drama Club are at a loss this week, wondering how to fill all the hours they have previously spent rehearsing their recent play. As well as the pantomime, Drama Club puts on a large production each year at around this time. Previous shows have included Billy Elliot, West Side Story, A Man For All Seasons and Peter Pan. This year was a foray into the frozen wastes of Narnia; the play, an adaptation by Adrian Mitchell of C S Lewis's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The play is also crammed full of original songs by Shaun Davey. You are probably familiar with the story of four siblings evacuated from London during World War ll, and their accidental discovery of a land under the spell of a wicked witch, and where it is always winter, but Christmas never arrives. The children join forces with Aslan the lion to overthrow the witch and bring spring and summer back to Narnia, to the delight of all the creatures who live there.

Miss Ratcliffe, Miss Armstrong and Mrs Gallimore spent hours rehearsing the actors and dancers, who all gave their very best performances on three evenings, and also a matinee show for the local primary school pupils. Special mention must be made of Ellie Guard, who, as well as playing Susan Pevensie, did a fantastic job of applying face paints to a dozen or so actors who were playing lions, leopards, wolves, deer, squirrels and other various creatures. Ellie, and Harry Tapscott, who played Mr Beaver, have appeared in every Drama Club production since they started at the school almost five years ago, an incredible feat. This has been their final performance with Drama Club, as it is for Alfred Alexander, Freddie Smith and Dan Johnson, as they will all be sitting their GCSEs this summer. Their contribution to Drama Club has been tremendous, and they will all be sorely missed. Aslan and the White Witch were played by sisters Sian and Emma Johnson; perhaps a little sibling rivalry helped them play their parts superbly. Mr Tumnus was played by Ryan Hill, and the Pevensies were Freddie Smith, Ellie Guard, Zak Aouali and Maya Macauley. Mrs Turnbull did a fantastic job teaching all the songs to the cast and orchestra; the final ensemble of musicians and singers in Long Live Narnia was one of the highlights of the show.