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Contraption Challenge Victors

Posted: 16th December 2015


A Contraption Challenge - Heath Robinson style - was set by the Rotary Club of South Molton.  How hard can it be? As it turned out, very hard!  The Technology Department's most talented year 9 pupils were put into four teams and given the challenge to make a marble roll around all corners of a cube, using the most creative and ingenious methods possible. The real challenge was to get everybody working together to meet the tricky problem-solving brief.  Pupils were given a day in the workshops and nothing but piles of recycled materials to achieve their goal.  After much head-scratching and plan-changing, final testing on the day saw two of the teams create contraptions good enough to be put forward for the grand final.

Creme Brulée Team: Jessica Swinton, Joel Kirby, Hannah Webster & Josh Tucker. Arcadians Team: Timmy Moore, Dan Gray, Alice Hood, Emma-Louise England & Amber Bradley.

Both teams spent their own time during lunch breaks refining their contraption before finals day on 11th December.  Five members of the South Molton Rotary club arrived to grill, quiz and judge our submissions before awarding the Creme Brulée team first place, and the Arcadians the runners-up slot.  All winning team members recieved £50 each for their efforts, whilst the runners up also scored a prize of £25 each.  South Molton Rotary Club also very kindly awarded the Technology department £300, which we will use to run other Gifted and Talented events for other year groups later in the year.

We were all delighted with the results of the challenge, and although the prize money put a smile on everyone's face, the sense of achievement from pupils and pride from the department staff is something money can't buy.  The Technology department is proud of its record of offering pupils a diverse curriculum, but also more challenging extracurricular events that really showcase how the skills learnt in this subject can be applied to a multitude of academic and vocational roles in the real world of work. With the creative industries being one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the UK, we hope we can continue to nurture and encourage pupils into courses that can lead to exciting job prospects for their future working lives.

Miss L Britton

Head of Technology Dept.