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Connecting with Nepalese classrooms

Posted: 21st September 2015

During the second week of term we have been playing host to five Nepalese teachers who have come to the UK to speak with our students about their life in Nepal and the effects of the recent earthquake.  The teachers were here visiting Devon and on an exchange organised by Braunton Academy with 4 other local secondary schools; Bideford College, South Molton College, Chulmleigh and Pilton.

The partnership is funded by the British Council through an initiative called Connecting Classrooms which aims to allow staff and students to experience and connect with cultures and traditions from other parts of the world we live in.  The teachers provided the school with a token of love (souvenirs from Nepal) for the school as well as one for the teachers involved in the exchange.  Mr Langmead, the lead teacher in the exchange programme, took the visitors around the academy for a tour and they dropped into lessons to speak with students and see the difference between classrooms here in the UK and in Nepal.  The teachers also taught a lesson to both KS3 and KS4 students on life in Nepal and the effects of the recent earthquake.  After this they took part in a Q&A session with pupils who were amazed at the differences between their lifestyles and culture to those of our Nepal guests.

The guests then visited both South Molton and Bideford carrying out similar activities.  Mr Langmead was full of praise for the programme, stating that “This visit has been a fantastic opportunity for our school community to see and interact with people from another part of the world, and to hear at first hand about the cultural and social differences that exist between our two nations.  The insight into the lived experience and aftermath of one of the world’s biggest natural disasters was a real eye opener for our GCSE geographers.”

The national flag of Nepal, which has a quite unique form, is now flying outside the sports hall along with the flags of the many other nations with which we have forged educational and cultural links.