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Bat Viewing area is opened

Posted: 15th May 2017

Following on from last June's Challenge Days when the whole of year 7 learnt all about the Greater Horseshoe Bat (see news item from June 2016), students from Braunton Academy attended the grand opening of a bat viewing platform. The platform is situated on top of Braunton Beacon, and was partly funded by the fund-raising efforts at Braunton Academy last summer, when bat-shaped biscuits were sold to pupils and staff. The opening ceremony also included the introduction of a brand new initiative from Braunton Countryside Centre whereby the public are able to follow an interactive map along a special "bat route" and listen to a commentary and bat sounds along the way.

Sadly, the decline of hedgerows and flower meadows in Britain has led to a sharp decrease in bat numbers as their habitat and food source is disappearing. The hope is that the public will make good use of the new and exciting resources at the Countryside Centre (located in the village carpark) and enjoy viewing and hearing bats at dusk from the new facility.