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Year 7 Bat Project

Posted: 6th June 2016

Year 7 pupils recently spent two days immersed in all things bat-related. On what are known as "Challenge Days", pupils are periodically off timetable and have the opportunity to learn new skills. A representative from the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project came to talk to year 7 about their work protecting bat habitats, fundraising for bats, and developing bat-friendly environments. Pupils then split into smaller groups to work on specific tasks. Some went into the workshop to make wooden bat boxes which were later installed in the tall trees by the athletics track; some made a variety of bat-shaped biscuits which were later sold within school to raise money for the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project; some developed a dance performance to show the role of bats in the food chain; some designed and made costumes for the dance performance (two of which are shown in the accompanying picture); some dug a pond at the VOLE and undertook other environmental work to encourage insects and therefore bats to the area.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed their experience and have learned a great deal about one of our most elusive and endangered mammals. A huge thankyou to Mrs Popple and Mrs Gallimore who initiated the entire event, and to Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project for all their educational work.