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Treasure Island

Posted: 3rd March 2017

Braunton Drama Club recently performed their latest show, Treasure Island, over three evenings and a matinée. The play, based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, is an adventure on the high seas and a deserted island, culminating in the discovery of buried treasure. A crew of fearsome pirates, led by Long John Silver (Scarlett Rolls) called for more rum, yo-ho-hoed and brandished their swords and muskets, accompanied by the school orchestra. Drama Club stalwart, Ryan Hill, played the part of Smollett with haughty aplomb, while the part of Jack Hawkins was played by year 7 Oliver Argyle, and year 8 Holly Pitches in alternate shows. The set was painted by the Art Club, and included a treasure map backdrop, giant coconut palms and the ship's deck. With an excellent score arranged by Head of Music, Miss Cassells, the music and singing were very impressive. The entire production was masterminded and directed by Head of Drama, Miss Ratcliffe, who received bouquets from the cast as a measure of their gratitude to her for all her hard work in ensuring our budding thespians are given a chance to shine on stage every year.

Pictured are Nathaniel Rodney-Jones as Ben Gunn, and Holly Pitches as Jack Hawkins.