International Schools

Comenius is an educational part of the EU's Socrates program that aims to promote cooperation and understanding between different cultures and countries in Europe.

Its main aims are to enhance the European studies aspect of schoolwork and to help develop language and intercultural awareness and social cohesion.

We are very pleased to report that Braunton Academy has been successful in being redesignated for the International School Accreditation for the next three years through to 2016. It is a great accolade to the hard work of the International School team which includes Mr Langmead and Mr Pearce.

Comenius club

Please contact Mr Langmead at school if you or your child is interested in this great opportunity of hosting a guest from one of our partner schools.

We are currently raising funds for the Amigos Charity .

The mission of Amigos is to make a positive difference in the lives of widows, orphans and underprivileged people in sub-Saharan Africa. Providing care, education and vocational training, they will endeavour to empower the next generation of mothers and fathers to achieve their highest potential, helping them to become confident, caring and self-supporting individuals.

Update on Kira Farm Support 2014

Five students from Braunton Academy raised funds to go on the trip of a lifetime to Uganda.Organized by North Devon based charity Amigos, the students joined a group from Pilton, Petroc and Exeter College to get hands on experience of the inspirational work being carried out to bring self-sustainability, dignity and hope through vocational training to disadvantaged young people at Kira Farm near Kampala.

All pupils integrated quickly and got to work building cheap and efficient mud stoves that reduce deforestation, shelters for the elderly, water jars that store rain water from tin roofs, and improvised taps and drying racks that improve hygiene.

Students also learnt much about sustainable farming, carpentry and textiles workshops that are helping rebuild the lives of young Ugandans that have nowhere else to turn. One of these Ugandans is Bob who has had the kind of life reminiscent of Dickensian tales. The loss of parents at 7 years old, fighting to survive on the streets, subject to exploitation and cruelty, turning to crime as a way out and barely surviving prison before being rescued by Amigos. Short in stature due to lack of sleep and food, Bob is an inspirational character who is turning his life around dramatically and now has ambitions to be a builder following training at Kira Farm. Braunton Academy students are proud to be sponsoring him through events such as non-uniform days.

We are at a very exciting stage of our International School development through our growing links with India. A delegation of staff from schools in North Devon were invited to Kolkata in 2009 to establish contacts and visit schools there. Very recently we hosted a reciprocal visit here and a party of Indian teachers and Indian Government officials spent time in Braunton Academy and other local secondary schools.

In January 2010 we  attended a British Council conference in London to further develop our Indian links, to enable, at some stage, student visits to take place. Take a look at this video clip of our visit to India and also at the photo gallery on this page which gives you a small insight into Indian Schools and the rich culture there. We have much to learn from each other.

Exchange trips, often in collaboration with other North Devon secondary schools are an established part of our International School program.  The benefits are huge and the experiences for the students are immense. We have run successful exchanges to France(Paris and Lyon), Italy(Verona) and Austria (Weiner Neustadt). In the photograph above students are enjoying the wonderful scenery by Lake Annecy.

Connecting Classrooms is a global programme that creates partnerships between clusters of schools in the UK and others around the world. These partnerships bring an international dimension to young peoples ' learning, to improve their knowledge and understanding of other cultures and prepare them for life and work as global citizens.

Connecting Classrooms partnerships are supported by local authorities/federations of schools in the UK and district education offices/ministries of education in other countries. This endorsement, in all countries, provides a platform from which broader, strategic links can be formed between areas or districts in the partner countries.

Find out more by clicking on the British Council website.

We have starting a link with an Academy in Hounslow called Kingsley Academy and visted them in early March 2014. A small group of Y8 students from Kingsley Academy visited us to experience life here out on the North Devon Coast. Please click on the next link to find out more Kingsley Academy Hounslow

International Schools’ News - Teacher Visit to Nepal

Teacher representatives from four local secondary schools have returned from a visit to partner schools in Kathmandu, Nepal. Mr Langmead (Braunton Academy), Mr Davies (Pilton Community College), Mr Godwin (South Molton Community College) and Ms Hockin (Bideford College) spent a week in Nepal visiting partner schools under the British Council's „Connecting Classrooms‟ initiative.
The schools were successful in submitting a bid that focuses upon building global awareness and cross-cultural learning in each country amongst both staff and students. The visit was a follow-up to the earlier visit of five Nepalese teachers to the schools in September 2015, and allowed the teachers to take classwork from North Devon students about what their home towns, schools and local communities mean to them.
As well as allowing the Nepalese students to learn about students in the UK, it also allowed North Devon students the opportunity to enquire about what life is like in another part of the world. In addition to this , the visit allowed each of the teachers the opportunity to discuss and observe the teaching in Nepalese schools and deliver short lessons in each of the partner schools.

Mr Langmead said “Each of the Devon schools does a great deal of international work educating our students about the similarities and differences of communities and countries. Participation in this British Council project has enabled a large number of students, staff and the wider school communities to gain a real insight into the lives and work of adults and children in Nepal. The visit was an unqualified success and in spite of the hardships suffered as a result of the 2015 earthquake that hit Kathmandu, our Nepalese hosts provided the warmest of welcomes. What we have brought back to our schools to share with both students and staff will be engaging and valuable as we seek to widen the experiences we all try to provide. To see some schools razed to the ground by the earthquake, yet continue to provide an education albeit in temporary classrooms was something that will remain with us all for a long time, as will the desire and interest in their education that the students of Nepal had and how important they see education is to them for future development of their country.”

The next phase of the project is to develop further sharing of resources and information between each of the schools with a view to returning to Nepal in the future.