The Academy is made up of four Houses and within these Houses are seven and eight Tutor Groups.

The Houses are named after the beautiful beaches in our surrounding area, Saunton, Croyde, Putsborough and Woolacombe.

The following Heads of Houses are:

Saunton - Miss Sayer

Croyde - Mrs Davenport

Putsborough - Mr Liversedge

Woolacombe - Mr Ovey

The tutor groups are divided in to KS3 and KS4 students.


Miss Sayer - Head of Saunton House

"To be in Saunton House is like being part of a big family. Although we may not always win house competitions, our support and good spirit shines through and this is evident in all we do. I, and all of our tutor members are proud to be in Saunton House."
A Year 11 student in Saunton House.

The people of North Devon are proud of their beaches and Saunton is one of the most unspoilt and beautiful. Similarly Saunton is a house in which students take pride. It provides a creative, imaginative, caring and mutually supportive environment which helps staff and students to contribute in the way that they feel best.

Our support team includes:

Miss Sayer- the Head of House - PE Department.

Mrs Bateman - Art Department

Mrs Caddy - English Department

Mrs Dicker - Technology Department

Mrs Fuller - Head of Science

Mr Holmes - Technology Department

Mrs Hookes - Maths Department

Mrs Maughan - Head of English

Mr Brock- the senior staff link

To be in Saunton, is to be part of a large extended family It is the place to make new friends and find  encouragement.

Is the surf up on Saunton?

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Our House is proud to be associated with the popular Putsborough Sands. Putsborough Sands is renowned as one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in the land. Its vast expanse of golden sand lapped by wonderfully clean bathing water and crisp waves, makes it a paradise for both swimmers and surfers alike.

Is the surf up on Putsborough?

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Head of House

My name is Mr Liversedge and I work in the Science Department within the school. Since being appointed as Putsborough’s Head of House I have focused on developing an “espirit de corp” within the House. Nowhere is this more evident than on Sports day when the students turn “green”!  My role is to support an excellent tutor team within the house as they encourage, motivate and support the progress of all students who make up Putsborough.   I am supported in my role by a dedicated team of Tutors:


Each House has a Senior Leadership link teacher. Putsborough is well supported by Mr Cammack - Principal

Putsborough students always engage with all activities fully and that has led us to see great success in both inter-house competitions and also with students from the house being selected to represent the school in interschool business enterprise competitions successfully at a regional level.

Welcome to the Woolacombe House. Our House colour is blue. My name is Mr Ovey and as Head of Woolacombe House my role is to look after the welfare of all the pupils in Woolacombe.  I am helped by a hard working team of seven tutors who look after the day to day issues that may arise in their registration groups.  Students spend time with their tutors every morning.

Woolacombe tutor team

Mrs Armstrong - Humanities

Mr Brasier- 2nd in Science

Mr Butler - Science

Mr Duthuit - Modern Language Department

Mr Frickleton-Head of PE

Mrs Taylor -English and Literacy leader.

Mrs Webster - Teaching Assitant


Senior leadership team link: Mr R Horton - Assistant Head Teacher

House Activities

During a school year we have a number of House challenges which are always popular.  Autumn term sees Apple Bobbing. The Summer term brings Sports Day, which is always a lot of fun. Parents are always encouraged to come along and give their support on the day.

Roles and Responsibilities

Volunteer and elected representatives from all the tutor groups in Woolacombe House are responsible for getting the views of all pupils across at our regular House Council meetings.  Ideas from the students are then taken to the School Council and discussed in more detail.  This involvement helps the students to gain confidence , listening skills and practice at public speaking.

We also have Woolacombe Sports Captains in every year; they help to organise teams for the house activities and for Sports Day.  Through carrying out this role we feel that students will develop a sense of responsibility, understand better how to organise a team and learn how to co-operate with others in their House.

Year 10 students have the opportunity to become peer mentors and paired readers; these roles help pupils develop empathy skills which are very important through life.

Year 11 pupils have the opportunity to become prefects. They all follow a rigorous selection process for this responsible role.  It is the job of our prefects to work with staff to ensure that school codes are adhered to.  We also ask prefects to represent the school at various functions throughout the year.

What our students think...

As part of the Community House Day students were tasked to design their own webpage.  To see Braunton School from the students' perspective click here.

Is the surf up on Woolacombe?

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All the Houses here at Braunton School are named after our beautiful local beaches. Our House is proud to be associated with the popular and stunning Croyde Beach. We are represented by the colour yellow.

Croyde Beach is full of opportunities to learn and experience new and exciting skills from surfing to volleyball to rock-pooling. In the busy summer time the beach is monitored by the RNLI Lifeguards. Their role is to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time by following the beach safety advice.

Just like the beach, Croyde House offers students a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, work as part of a team, meet new friends, try new activities and have fun! This can be achieved successfully when all students follow the Braunton Academy Code.


My name is Mrs Davenport – I am part of the Pastoral Team and am proud to be Croyde’s Head of House. My aim is to encourage, support and motivate all students who are part of the Croyde House family.


I am supported in my role by a dedicated team of Tutors. Together we work to foster an ethos of inclusion, positive participation and teamwork. We also work hard to support and encourage students to achieve their best in all aspects of school life. The Croyde Team promotes good work and achievement through rewards which are recognised in achievement assemblies.

The Croyde Tutors are:

Miss Murphy – Teacher of Humanities

Ms Ratcliffe – Teacher of Drama

Ms Ronckier – Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr Pittman – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Ovey – Teacher of PE

Mrs Popple – Cover Supervisor/Vocational Learning

Mr Barfield – Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Each House has a Senior Leadership link teacher. Croyde is well supported by Mrs Frost, Deputy Head teacher and teacher of English.


Croyde House is designed to give students a sense of belonging and community. It also encourages them to become involved in all House activities. Students form an allegiance to their House, with a sense of fun and friendly competition pervading all the House activities.

House competitions are varied and not just confined to the Sports field! Croyde has taken part in:

  • Apple bobbing – winners 2014 & 15
  • Pancake Race – winners 2014 & 2015
  • Welly Wangin

Houses also get recognition for their number of House Points and even for the Best Attendance.  Croyde House won the PLTS (Personal Learning & Thinking Skills) Cup last year for having the most students achieving recognition for developing and demonstrating these skills in their lessons.

Croyde House also won Sports Day 2014/15 & 2016 which is fantastic!


Croyde students will have the opportunity to take on leadership and responsibility roles during their time at Braunton School.


Students in all years will be able to volunteer to be a Croyde House Council representative for their Tutor Group – their role is to become the ‘student voice’ of the tutor group at Council meetings. They will share ideas, voice opinions and feedback results. This will allow students to gain confidence, develop listening skills and enhance their public speaking.


Sports captains are selected from Croyde students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Their role is to organise teams from Croyde tutor groups for Inter House competitions; ensuring all competing students know their position / event, where they need to be and what time they need to be there. Students will develop a sense of responsibility, time management, motivational and organisational skills.

Students in Year 8 can apply to become Peer Mentors for when they are in Year 9,  and in Year 10 can apply to become Paired Readers. Both roles allow students to develop empathy skills through working with others.

Year 10’s have the opportunity to apply to become a Prefect for their final year at the Academy. There is an application process and an interview to undertake so obtaining a Prefect role is a real accolade. Students work alongside staff in a supervisory capacity ensuring school codes are adhered to. Prefects are also ambassadors for the school at different functions.  Prefects have the opportunity to gain an AQA award – ‘Being a Responsible Prefect’ over the year which is an additional qualification to add to their portfolio.

All roles help encourage students to become responsible citizens later on in life.


All students in Croyde House should feel safe enough to adopt a ‘can do’ and ‘have a go’ approach.

As Nelson Mandela said ‘The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall’

I feel confident in saying, there will always be someone in Croyde House, another student or a member of staff, ready to help you rise after a fall.