Behaviour for Learning

All members of the Academy community, both students and staff, have the right to work and learn in an environment that is calm, safe and free from any disruption or unkindness.

We have a behaviour for learning code which is informed by our values and beliefs that will enable you to enjoy your learning free from any unhelpful distractions. The code provides a very clear framework to shape your learning behaviours so that you stand the best chance of getting the success you deserve.

Braunton Academy Classroom Code(The 5 Bs).

Research shows that simple codes work best and we have developed a straightforward 5 point code using student voice. The code is in your student planner in the first section. The Braunton Academy Classroom code is on display in every teaching space and we call it the 5 Bs:

  • Be respectful….respect yourself , others and your environment.
  • Be on time…for registration and lessons and aim for 100% attendance.
  • Be smart…follow the uniform code and take pride in your appearance.
  • Be organised…make sure that you have the right equipment and kit you need and stick to deadlines.
  • Be co-operative…follow instructions, actively listen and focus on your learning.





Achieving well is the ultimate reward for excellent behaviour for learning.

You will be praised and rewarded for good behaviour for learning, making a positive contribution to the school community, achievement and good attendance. Our achievement lunches are one way in which we celebrate success and hard work. However, the success you gain for playing by the rules is a reward in itself and you will always enjoy and achieve.

If you choose to break the code there will be consequences.

However, if a student chooses to persist in challenging the code there is a hierarchy of sanctions that staff will issue and follow through with.

Clearly we offer help, support and guidance to those who choose to break the codes. We routinely offer a restorative justice approach as part of our behaviour improvement strategy and to 'mend' any relationships that may have been harmed by inappropriate behaviours. You may also be referred to our 'skills' centre that offer a range of programmes to help you to get your behaviour back on track.

Finally, it should be noted that persistent disruptive, defiant and aggressive behaviour can, regrettably, lead to a permanent exclusion.