Our aim is to make Braunton Academy a safe and happy learning environment where all of our young people can enjoy school life and achieve. For a vast majority of students this will be the experience.  Unfortunately, life is never quite that perfect , and there are occasions in all schools when people can be unkind to each other.  Persistent unkindness is bullying and we need to know when and where it is happening. The House team are well trained in tackling bullying using very effective techniques and we are always looking for new ways of preventing any bullying from starting. Please click on the next link to see the full Anti bullying policy

The following websites links contain useful guidance about bullying and Cyberbullying

Staying safe on line

We all enjoy going on line, however, we are all potentially at risk when we share information on line. Take a look at the ‘Think U Know’ website and take on board the advice there, then you will be safe when you surf the net.

If you want another source of advice that is really helpful and confidential take a look at Child line anti bullying

Anti bullying Policy in outline

Staying safe by looking out for each other.

We believe that we have a very strong anti-bullying policy that we apply when bullying situations regrettably arise. This policy is regularly reviewed and updated. All students are advised and encouraged to see a member of staff, ideally their tutor, straight away if they feel that they are being treated unkindly by others. Parents and carers are strongly advised to report any suspicion of bullying to the House staff, either by telephoning 01271 812221 or emailing In addition, the Y9 peer mentors and Y10 prefects are trained to look out for signs of bullying around the school.

In addition to personally seeing someone, bullying concerns can be reported

*posting into drop boxes around the school

When bullying occurs we follow a very clearly defined anti-bullying procedure that is designed to prevent bullying from recurring. While it clearly involves strong sanctions that are applied to the 'bully' , unfortunately this alone rarely solves the situation completely so it is vital to tackle the root cause of the problem. We apply a range of counselling strategies and restorative approaches to rebuild relationships.

Restorative Justice approaches are applied to address the harm caused by bullying

We will engage both the 'bully' and the victim in restorative approaches that are designed to get the bully to face up to the harm that their persistent unkindness has on the victim. Empathising with how it feels to be bullied is a vital part of this restorative approach. In short, we always work with the bully and the victim by applying these mediation techniques to prevent the bullying situation from arising again.

We have no tolerance of bullying

We have no tolerance of bullying and we will always apply appropriate sanctions when they are reported and fully investigated. If bullying persists, in spite of our interventions, it can lead to a bully to be given longer exclusions and in extreme cases lead to a permanent exclusion. Exclusions go on a students school records.