Aims and Values

The Aims and Values of Braunton Academy

Our central aim is to inspire each child to ‘Aspire & Achieve’; to maximise success, achievement and personal fulfilment in all they do: by providing the highest quality of education in a secure and purposeful environment which our young people find stimulating, respond to and enjoy; by promoting and teaching Social Emotional Learning (SEL); and by encouraging and supporting a commitment to our community.

Our values:  Respect for Everyone - Our Community Spirit - Honesty - Integrity - Equality and Fairness.                                            

Our values: ethos and approaches underpin five key Aims shared across the school community:

To promote and nurture a true love of learning

  • Developing and maintaining a close partnership with the home
  • Engaging each student in learning for its intrinsic value, whilst securing the highest standards of achievement, meeting with the highest demands of the competitive 21st century
  • Establishing a culture which projects an enthusiasm for learning throughout life 
  • Encouraging, and enabling all staff to continue their own professional learning development.
  • Developing the pastoral curriculum and community dimension to support and enrich all that we seek to achieve.




To promote personal growth

  • Promoting students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through a full understanding of how Citizenship and PSHEE contributes to preparation for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life
  • Encouraging and motivating each student to achieve his/her fullest potential, stimulated to think and to see tasks successfully to completion.
  • Providing clear guidance and counselling to actively involve each student in improving the quality of outcomes and  economic wellbeing
  • Ensuring each student becomes self-reliant yet able to work with others within an ethos which provides a sensible balance of co-operation and competition.   
  • Ensuring each student feels valued, enabled to see clear routes ahead as we emphasise the benefits of building upon what has already been achieved

To strive for excellence by providing rich learning opportunities for all

  • Securing the strongest possible examination results and allied accreditation for each student as essential keys to future opportunities
  • Ensuring a good grounding in basic knowledge and skills allowing each student to take full advantage of the whole curriculum
  • In recognising that we all learn in different ways, developing effective learning skills so that all students are enabled to secure maximum achievement across a broad curriculum
  • Encouraging and enabling a wide variety of activity to flourish so that each student can find opportunities to develop particular interests and abilities both within and beyond the timetabled school day.

To interpret the world and broaden horizons

  • Developing for each student the ability to be flexible, adaptable and prepared to apply knowledge and skills in many different contexts
  • Embracing and utilising new technologies which maximise the effectiveness of learning and meet the rising targets for achievement in a rapidly developing knowledge-intensive world demanding high added value in all its aspects
  • Whilst caring for students, securing high standards of achievement by promoting high expectations, explaining exactly what is expected, and providing the real help and rich feedback each individual needs
  • Widening each student’s appreciation of achievement and creativity.


To develop and invest in our Learning Communities

  • Protecting all from mistreatment, bullying, discrimination and anti-social behaviour via our caring community.
  • Encouraging all to participate in decision-making, volunteering and supporting the community and environment.
  • Developing and maintaining close links with partner schools and colleges and the wider community, including employers.
  • Engaging in effective communications between all partners and promotion of the school within its community.
  • Ensuring there is a clear focus upon opportunity and involvement for all in educational, recreational, social and cultural activities throughout our community and throughout life.
  • Continually developing and being open to ideas as progress is monitored, reviewed and evaluated with all opportunities for improvement explored and implemented.