Heads of Year

Within their year groups, students are organised into Tutor Groups, five per year. Students are in their Tutor Group for Morning Registration (8.45 to 9.05am) and also for Period 6. The Tutor Group comprises students from all of the four houses. Each year group is headed up by a Head of Year.

Head of Year 7 Miss A Sayer

Miss A. Sayer - Head of Year 7

Year 7 Tutor Groups

7JC Mrs J Caddy. English Teacher. Room 57

7CH Mr C Holmes. Technology Teacher. Room 30

7ZB Mrs Z Bateman. Head of Expressive Arts. Room 11

7CMC Mrs C McLoughlan. ALN Dept. Room 2

7SRO Miss S Ronckier. Languages Teacher. Room 19


Head of Year 8 Mrs C Armstrong

Mrs C Armstrong - Head of Year 8

Year 8 Tutor Groups

8JYW Mrs J Wareing. Science Teacher. Room 35

8SB Mr S Brasier. Science Teacher. Room37

8GR Miss G Ratcliffe. Head of Drama. Room 3

8MU Mrs M Worthington. Music Teacher. Room 20

8DY Mrs D Young. English Teacher. Room 4


Head of Year 9 Mr L Ovey

Mr L Ovey - Head of Year 9

Year 9 Tutor Groups

9JF Mr J Frickleton. Head of PE. Room16

9HF Mrs H Fuller. Head of Science. Room33

9ED Mr E Duthuit. Languages Teacher. Room 15

9LH Ms L Hookes. Maths Teacher. Room 45

9SC Mrs S Campbell. Technology Teacher. Room 29

Head of Year 10 Mrs C Boulton

Mrs C Boulton - Head of Year 10

Year 10 Tutor Groups

10NB Mr N Butler. Computing Teacher. Room 41

10TMM Mrs T Murphy. History Teacher. Room 24

10DP Mrs D Popple. Cover Supervisor. Room 38

10PE Mr P England. Maths Teacher. Room 40

10JOB Mr J O'Brien. Head of Maths. Room 43

Mr D Liversedge - Head of Year 11

Year 11 Tutor Groups

11LB Miss L Britton. Head of Technology. Room 26

11NT Mrs N Taylor. English Teacher. Room 1

11NL Mr N Langmead. Geography Teacher. Room 22

11TMB Mr T Barfield. Head of Languages. Room 18

11DM Mr D Mounfield. Science Teacher. Room 34